Our story began with two parents looking for a better way to stay connected to their children’s life at school. From the beginning, our mission has been to simplify communication for busy educators and families.

We started out with simple group messaging and quickly moved to streamline everything from permission slips to sign ups. We developed what we call “actionable messaging” to allow parents to respond to school requests in as few clicks as possible. No extra apps or logins required. Payments. Registration. Announcements. Events. Translation. We do it all.

From years of experience working with districts of all sizes, we have a deep understanding of how to meet the diverse needs of school communities. We help teachers and schools effortlessly customize outreach to reach every parent.

Our platform doesn’t just simplify parent participation. It captures data and insights that can then be leveraged to strengthen ongoing family engagement. We offer leaders smart reports and analytics to keep their fingers on the pulse of parent engagement across their whole school or district.

We have evolved into an entire platform designed for taking action, freeing educators and parents to spend time on what matters most, relationships We are Actionaly.

A few words that define who we are


We are parents above all.

There is no way that any data will ever be used in a way that doesn't benefit the educators or the families.

Business practices and business models will never conflict with those objectives


We are only parents....

We trust you to inform us of what you need. We help, we sometimes challenge, but above all, we trust your judgment.

We are building Actionaly to help educators fulfill their mission.


We think of ourselves as busy...

… but it doesn't compare to 'educator- busy'. We know your time is precious.

The only way we will be successful is by ensuring that whatever we do gives time back to educators.